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Trauma Bodies Birds Waiting For The Bus – Agitator Gallery New Member Show

Jeff Horwat
Daniel Owensby
Jen Lau
Sarah Bell

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, April 13, 2019 6 – 9 pm

Agitator Gallery’s newest members are having their first ever show & sell. Each member is showcasing work that is thought-provoking, irreverent, and completely unrelated.

(Top L to R):
Sarah Bell – I make narrative images that allow the viewer to make sense of the story through their own lens. Working mostly in marker line-based drawings, the characters are fable figures acting out the in-between emotions of ordinary humanity with sometimes elements of magical realism. The images are succinct and graphic.

Danielle “Deo” Owensby – My work explores the complexities of childhood trauma, identity, and memory through constructed photography, installation, video, and metaphor. By working with a range of disciplines, I intend to create a space for people to contemplate and perhaps even talk about the issues of childhood sexual abuse, especially since it is so prevalent. Trauma is very difficult to talk about, let alone represent, so I seek to use a more holistic approach as a means of addressing this difficult topic.

(Bottom L to R):
Jeff Horwat – Jeff Horwat is an artist, a teacher, and a scholar who currently works as an assistant professor of fine arts where he directs the art education program at Indiana University South Bend. He has taught art in both K-12 and higher education for more than 10 years and has presented his artwork and scholarship in many different venues including New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Fort Worth, San Diego, Sacramento, Louisville, Hartford, and New Bedford. He currently resides in Chicago. His current scholarship and creative practice draw from arts-based research methods to visually explore intersections between surrealism, Buddhist philosophy, and psychoanalytic theory. Many of his illustrative artworks take place in an ambiguous psychological space presented as a checkerboard labyrinth where wind-up toy figurines act out different roles, performing different components of the human psyche, to tell narratives related to some aspect of the human condition. Themes explored in these narratives interrogate and problematize both Buddhist and psychoanalytic theory's constructions of desire, belief, identity, love, creative, purpose, and power.

Jen Lau – Jen Lau draws and cuts paper. She documents the “in between” moments, also known as the human condition caught off guard.  She finds beauty in the ordinary and often uses books and other found materials in her work, creating (un)intentional narratives. Her current work explores the glorification and exploitation of the human body.  Negatives Series on display: This ongoing series explores the idea of inner and outer selves, of past and present, and the invisible burdens we carry throughout our lives. Each body is a cutout of the negative space from a figure drawing.