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The Nook: Guest Artist Space at Agitator

Agitator Cooperative Gallery is now accepting submissions to its monthly Nook – a section of wall space featuring a guest artist’s work in conjunction with its regularly programmed monthly member curated art show, which is usually held the second Saturday of every month from 6:00–10:00pm. 

If selected to show art, the guest artist pays a $40 donation fee that goes toward the payment of the gallery’s monthly operation costs. The artist agrees to make a 40% donation for any artwork on display that is sold at the gallery. Artists who are selected to be show at the space need to fill out and submit an artist agreement form and make a payment prior to installation of their artwork for the monthly show at Agitator, which is usually from Sunday through Friday before a new monthly show opens.
Artists, who join and support Agitator Cooperative Gallery by becoming a Junior or Senior Artist Subscriber member via Patreon will automatically receive the benefit of inclusion in one Nook display.
The guest artist at the Side Show can display one or several 2D artworks on one wall space in the middle passage way in the gallery. (Depending on the size of the monthly featured show, there may be more wall display space to display work.)
Artists are welcome to provide information about their artwork in the display area — a brief 2-3 sentence description about their artwork on display. A longer description of their art on display, an art statement and an artist biography can be included online and on a separate sheet or two of paper.

Applicants: Submit photos of artwork(s) with a brief artist statement (several sentences or up to 250 words) about yourself, art practice and artwork submission(s) to Also, please provide information about the submitted artwork in this format in your email:

Artist name                                                                                  

Title of artwork, year created                                                     

Materials used, vertical x horizontal size in inches


Notification of acceptance to show art in the Nook will be made several weeks before a monthly show opening. Note that several artists may be selected from all the applicants, and each one will be assigned a month to show their work.