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Sex Worker Art Show 2020

The 2nd annual SWOP Chicago Art Show, which celebrates the March 3 International Sex Worker’s Rights day, is comprised of 12 artists.  All art work is for sale with proceeds going to the artist and SWOP. Celebrate your local sex-worker artists!

For any purchase inquiries, please email

Participating Artists:


Dana Grossmann

Goddess of the Underground, 2020. 24×36″ Acrylic on canvas  $700

Dana Grossmann, SWOP Chicago, Agitator Gallery


I am a gender-nonconforming sex worker working as an escort and artist. My artistic practice is very interdisciplinary, but I mainly focus in fashion design. In recent months, I have created various projects, such as my artist’s website that doubles as a mock pornography website (see above) and the video project.

Cord Progression (performance still), May 2019. Video installation (Not For Sale)Goldie, SWOP Chicago, Agitator Gallery


Grandpa is a lowbrow, not-for-the-weak-minded, artist. She prefers to use markers and pens on USPS shipping labels, however she enjoys the challenge of other media such as sculpture and embroidery. Grandpa is known throughout the social media art world for her graphic representation of female sexual dominance and her work is sought after by numerous underground collectors. As brutal as her art can be to some, she always adds a dash of cuteness and a pinch of love to her art. She has been a dominatrix for six years under the name Princess Meathooks. (click on images for titles and prices.)

Healing is imperfecT

She is healing. She is venerating. She is wild. She is sexy. She is sensitive. She is a force to be reckoned with.

Model: Kiana
Photographer: Ally Almore
Poem: Kiana

Love in a bathtuB, Photograph and poem. $200. $100 for picture or poem only

 Jade (Queer Kink)

She/They – Latinx – Queer Femme

I’m an online SW and photographer. I use photography to explore intimacy through kink and sex, and the ways we connect with our own bodies in BDSM while at the same time removing shame from our desires. As a latex fetishist I enjoy documenting my evolution in art and BDSM through self-portraiture, and enjoy capturing that in other people as well. My style is often described as hazy, dream-like, intimate and sometimes bizarre. (click on images for titles and prices)

Julia Arredondo
Venmo @QTVCLive

Julia Arredondo is an artist entrepreneur who is currently concluding her MFA at Columbia College Chicago. Inspired by the “side hustle” and all of the side gigs her family kept in order to make a living, Julia examines how socioeconomic factors heavily influence one’s way in the world…specifically in academia and the notion of value in the art market. Julia is currently launching an independent media channel, QTVC Live!, which focuses on live arts sales by underrepresented makers of color.

I am an Artist Entrepreneur. My work explores the changing consumer market and responds to contemporary shifts in buying and selling practices. Often my art takes form as merchandise, which is then sold and distributed through self-run, web-based businesses. Taking shape as screen printed prayer candles, hand-manufactured editions, commodifiable services AND MORE; my art explores various markets while pushing the boundaries of retail. Inspired by startup culture and dreams of the ultimate exit strategy, I play the role of artist as entrepreneur for reasons related to the socioeconomic need for financial success in the creative market that values free labor over career sustainability. After my experiences merchandising myself as a sugar baby, I question the viability of “respectable” work as the modern workplace continues to perpetuate abuse, hierarchal class structures, and underpayment.
(click on images for titles and prices)

 Morgan Claire Sirene


Morgan Claire Sirene is a multidisciplinary artist whose work focuses on femininity, BDSM, the occult and the humanity of sex work. She is best known as the creator of The Slutist Tarot. (click on image for title and price)

Shaina Skeen


Shaina Skeen is an Ohio native currently residing and working in Chicago. She received her degree in painting and art history at Columbus College of Art & Design. She has taught English for years in Paris and now teaches continuing education art classes here in Chicago. She has also been a sex worker for almost 7 years alongside her teaching, studying, and art practice. (click on images for titles and prices)

 Sia Serafina

Sia Serafina is a Chicago-based traveling stripper and artist. She uses both visual art and freeform movement to illuminate the realities, the struggles, and the successes of working as a stripper, and also to navigate her existence as an empowered womxn both inside and outside the sex industry.

when boundaries are enforced… confusion, persistence, anger.

 Steef Keef

Steef is a surrealist and impressionist in her own right. She tries to capture the weird, fun, and sometimes heavy feelings about the perception of the relationship between consciousness and body. As a self-proclaimed conceptualist and part-time poet, her attention to color and detail in distortion are important in her discourse of sexuality and femininity. (click on images for titles and prices)



Natalie, aka “whyknotrobot” is a Michigan born artist. She discovered shibari (the Japanese art of tight binding) through sex work in 2016. She has been working ever since to bring this art form from the sex industry to the mainstream. (click on images for titles and prices)

Wanbli Gamache

Wanbli Gamache is a transwoman new media performance artist that operates through the intersections of media representations of erotic imagery and pornography. She explores the issues of spectacle, authorship, and intimacy within technological transmissions of body through virtual and simulated bodies. She is an alumni of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Film, Video, New Media, and Animation Department and currently lives and works in Chicago.
She has exhibited in the New Blood Performance Festival at Links Hall, Sullivan Gallery in Chicago, Zhou B Art Center, and Supernova Digital Animation Festival in Denver, Colorado and is an artist resident at MANA Contemporary in Chicago.

By augmenting conditions of authorship and intimacy, I look towards the audibility and legibility of media representation in erotic imagery, virtual intimacy, and voyeurism. My work investigates the spectacle and personal vulnerability of lived experience as a transwoman. I approach these aspects embedded into my work as a format to manifest modes of spectacle to shift points of consumption and objectification. In shifting components of voice, through its materiality and language, I provoke self-analysis within the spectacle.
In combining performance, video, livestreaming, and installation work I explore the slippages of moving towards positive and empowering modes of broadcasting sexuality and gender while also falling into the same exploitative structures that objectifies my own identity. My use of materials is always relevant to the context and my goal is always to propel performances that exist as modes of storytelling and regeneration.
In using photography and video that carries specificity in power of objectification and voyeurism,
I attempt to produce new outcomes of authorship. In these counter-narratives, I employ a
multitude of personas to investigate sexuality, gender, and the mediation of broadcasting bodies
in virtual space.

All He Ever Wanted (still), 2020. Video on monitor and 3D-printed sculpture.

Wanbli Gamache, SWOP Chicago, Agitator Gallery