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Owensby & Walsh : Opening Reception

Owensby & Walsh
contemplative work of childhood trauma and transendent experiences

Calendar Event
Opening Reception for the work of Danielle Owensby and Daphne Walsh curated by Luna Rail.

My work explores the complexities of childhood trauma, identity, and memory through constructed photographs, metaphor, and collaboration. I work with a range of disciplines, from ready-made objects to still photography, from moving image to zine making. Though these mutliple mediums I intend to create a space for people to contemplate and perhaps even talk about the issue of childhood sexual abuse, especially since it is so prevalent. – Danielle Owensby

Self proclaimed High School drop out, teenage runaway, and college rebel, Daphne Walsh studied art and photography at Columbia College, Chicago. She’s danced her ass off at O’Banions and Exit before anyone ever knew how cool that was. She once lead the Chicago Police Department on a high speed chase on her bike through the streets of Chicago. Over the course of her career in photography she has worked in large commercial photo studios and photographed weddings and fashion. These days she makes photos for herself and people she loves.

Today, Daphne’s work falls into two broad categories.

The first comprises something of a journal from her daily life. Daphne is always looking and always connecting with beauty and humor and tenderness and humanity that’s overlooked by most of us. Some of the most powerful photos from this series is of children and homeless people.

The second ongoing body of work is of people submerged in water. While Daphne admittedly doesn’t like writing about her work, conversation with her on it is both powerful and telling. She readily admits to an awareness of the multiple metaphorical interpretations in water and placing a model in it. For Daphne though, the intersection of drowning and profound spiritual or transcendent experience is what she keys into the most ardently. The nameless expressions and movements of her models inside the water bely this. More important to Daphne is the state of not fully knowing the name of this thing. Trusting in the relationship to the model and her intuition comprises the meditation / exploration her art is made of much more richly than any preconceived thesis and documentation. This is something Daphne seems to have a deep respect for. These photographs are the result of that process. -Luna Rail, June, 2018