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Everything Has Changed: Life Altering Health Care Experiences in the 21st Century USA

Everything Has Changed features work by artists who have experienced — or are experiencing — life changing health care experiences. The exhibit includes 2D work, 3D work, gallery hosted video, an evening of performance and video on September 21, and a physician presentation by Dr. Gregory Primus on September 19.

Music for the opening reception will be provided by Andy Slater and the Society of Visually Impaired Sound Artists (SVISA).

Agitator Gallery will be wheelchair accessible for this event and all subsequent events.



Salvador Campos

Sara Peak Convery

Perry Danis

Tanuja Jagernauth

Micah Dillman

Jessica Fenlon

Michael Gallagher

Jennifer Hochgesang and Mimi Wallman

Megan Keating

Brianne LaPelusa

Carole McCurdy

Chuck McNally

Frederick Nitsch

Hamsen Peeler

Mason Pott

Zoë Sapienza

Sara Sinuk

Stephanie Sinuk

Brett Taylor

kinnari Vora

Rachel Wallis

Patrick Wilkins

Sid Yiddish

Curator Gretchen Hasse has lived with severe knee pain since she was a teenager. The pain and damage in her joints became more debilitating over time, and enduring it shaped her character. In the fall of 2018, with health insurance available in recent years through the ACA, she was able to get 2 full knee replacements. Successful surgeries have reshaped her life in ways that are still becoming clear to her.