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Call for Artists – deadline for July show – June 7th

Hard to Kill: Art by Survivors of Sexual Violence

July 2019, Agitator Cooperative Gallery, 1112 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Curator: Danielle “deo” Owensby


  1. About the Gallery
  2. Prospectus
  3. Submission Information
  4. Submission Form
  5. Acceptance of Work
  6. Exhibition Timeline
  7. Key Information

1.) About the Gallery:

Agitator Cooperative Gallery is a worker cooperative that makes decisions by consensus, valuing each member’s input equally, relying on non-hierarchical collective decision making. Agitator seeks to promote and engage significant art, including art made by conventionally overlooked artists.

Members of Agitator are diverse artist-curators with various racial, socioeconomic, gender, and sexual identities. Members share a common goal to curate art work that agitates or campaigns to provoke dialogue and generate diversity, while respecting each artist’s vision and self-definition.

2.) Prospectus:

Being a survivor of sexual violence is a non-stop fight. Regardless of the battles we are fighting– to protect oneself, to hide our secrets, to be believed, to create a world where the horror of sexual abuse no longer is a pandemic– these fights prove how resilient survivors are.

Agitator Gallery is accepting artwork submissions by survivors of sexual violence to be exhibited for our July show. The theme is open, the only requirement being that the artist is a survivor of sexual violence. All mediums are welcome.

Are you hesitant that your experiences don’t count you as a survivor? Tell that doubtful voice to shut the fuck up– your experiences are valid, and if you want to show your work, show your work!

3.) Submission Information:

Please observe the following specifications. Work presented in formats that do not adhere to these specifications may be discarded. Agitator will retain submitted images of all selected artwork and reserves the right to use the images in publications and promotional materials.

Provide a set of numbered images. Enter the details for each numbered image – Entry Title, Dimensions, Year, Price – in a matching numbered list in the appropriate space on the form.


  • You can submit up to 5 images for consideration.
  • If the entry is a color image, images must be color, 300dpi, .jpeg files no smaller than 1000 pixels in any dimension. Top of work should be aligned to the top of the image.
  • File name format as follows:
    • #_YourLastName_YourFirstName_TitleOfWork.jpg


  • Submit video or audio works as a link to a full-length online copy. Each submission should have its own link.
  • Agitator understands that internet-hosted audio/video files may be compressed poorly in order to stream. Full-resolution audio or video files can be presented to the gallery for exhibition.
  • Video / audio links should be provided on the entry form for each entry in the “Additional Information” section on the form, and should link directly to online streaming content that does NOT require a password or membership to access.


  • Performance submissions should include documentation of the piece, either video or still images (see submission details above), plus a description of the performance presented in the “Additional Information” space on the entry form. Performance description must include length of performance, open floor space needed, and any other media requirements.

4.) Submission Form: HERE

5.) Acceptance of Work:

Artists will be notified by email by June 10th if their work has been accepted for the exhibition.

Artwork, upon delivery, MUST be ready to hang. Failure to have work ready-to-hang may result in the work being disqualified from the exhibition.

6.) Exhibition Timeline:

June 7th– Deadline for Submissions

June 10th– Notification of Acceptance

June 29 & 30– Drop off work @ Agitator Gallery

July 6 & 7– Drop off work @ Agitator Gallery

July 6th– Deadline for shipped work to be delivered

July 12th– Opening Night Reception

August 2nd– Closing

Performance Dates TBD

7.) Key Information: All curatorial decisions are final. 4

Artwork is insured by the gallery while on exhibit.

If your work is accepted, by submitting your entry you give Agitator Gallery the right to publish your images for publicity purposes (All credits to artist will be included).

All artwork must be on display for the entire exhibition, even if the work is sold.

Agitator Gallery requires a 40% commission-donation on all sales. You will retain 60% of the price at which the work is sold; please price your work accordingly.

All artwork must be ready to hang.

Exhibit ends August 2nd, 2019. Work must be picked up from the gallery no later than August 10th.

By submitting to the show, the artist agrees to these terms.

Not all work submitted for consideration will be shown; submission for exhibition consideration does not guarantee participation.

Submission Deadline: Friday, June 7th, 2019


Curator: Danielle “deo” Owensby

Danielle “deo” Owensby is a fine art photographer, educator, and social activist living and working in Chicago, IL as an Instructor of Photography & Digital Design at the One River School of Art and Design and at the Lillstreet Art Center. Her visual work focuses on trauma and the fragility of memory and its intersections with identity and has been exhibited both coast-to-coast and internationally in galleries and art museums. She is an active member of the Agitator Co-operative Gallery and is the founder and editor of the Jade Plant Project, a free publication dedicated to sharing the voices of survivors and victims of sexual violence.