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AND THEN: Stories About What Happens Next – October 2020 Exhibit

EXHIBIT DATE – Online / Book: October 2020; Gallery Exhibit: TBD


Lockdown, distancing, quarantine. Protests demanding justice long overdue. Progress, setbacks, dreams and nightmares both being realized right before our eyes.

Some of us stay at home, some of us are in the streets. Some of us can’t do either. Some us have more time to ourselves; many of us have a lot less.

We are all thinking about changes, how they are changing us, and how they will change our future. AND THEN is a storytelling exhibit that shares our visions of what lies beyond. What do you hope for? What do you fear? What kind of world do you want? What do you think it will take to get there?


Agitator seeks  poems, love stories, adventures, essays; maybe some documentation of a really amazing neighborhood project that people you know are putting together.

We also seek art. Send your drawings, paintings, comics, character designs for your ultimate post-pandemic superhero.

Send us your video and audio too. Songs, mini-plays, performances, podcast episodes.

All accepted submissions will be included in a printed book that will serve as a personal copy of the exhibit itself. The online gallery exhibit will include art, readings, and performances.

In order to better serve an audience of all abilities, podcasts will be transcribed and included in the book, and written work will be read aloud and included in the online gallery audio section. After acceptance, writers may either record themselves reading their own work, or request that the gallery make a recording for them.

The book will be 6” wide x 9 “ high. Each participant will get one or two pages, and a short bio in the back of the book.




• Written submissions should be a maximum of 600 words for one page, and 1200 words for two pages.
• Artwork should be 300 dpi and at least 6” wide x 9 “ high. Format your work to fit a 6” wide x 9 “ high format.
• Please also submit a short bio, 50 word limit.


We cannot say for certain when the exhibit will be on Agitator Gallery walls. Meanwhile, we will present both an online exhibit, and a printed book that collects all the images, written work, and performance artifacts into a book, a personal exhibit suitable for bedside reading. The book will be a full color paperback sent by mail. Each participant will receive one free copy. Gallery audience can purchase them, with all proceeds going toward printing costs and postage.

Audio, performance pieces, and podcasts will be part of an online theater gallery. Participants who submit written pieces will also have the option of creating an audio or video reading for the theater gallery.